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Dear Combat Athletes,

Our passions often takes its toll on our bodies, after years of training and competing. My injuries started during extreme sport skateboarding and snowboarding. Broken limbs were the start of my issues, but the “show stopper” was four fractures in three vertebras which lead to massive disc degeneration in 5 discs in the lumbar region of my lower back.

Training in Brazil, I got slammed in wresting practice which broke two ribs. Because of the pain I felt from my ribs, I had no idea I had also broken my back.

That injury eventually lead to a major back surgery. It was a long slow recovery over the next two years to even walk normally. Many doctors told me I’d never train again and I’d be stuck on a couch, forever getting fat.

I tried to push on but my body couldn’t keep up with my desire to keep training. Unfortunately, just 3 years after my surgery, I had returned to my pre-surgery back pain. I was forced to choose the ability to walk over being on the mat. I gave up, “tapped out” to the sciatic nerve pain that could be completely debilitating and leave me bed ridden.

Luckily, 12 years later after my surgery, I found out about stem cell treatments. I was able to treat 3 of my 5 damaged discs…..IT WAS LIFE CHANGING!

In the actual procedure, I felt the pressure on my spinal cord start to release, when the stem cells were injected in the first of my three discs. That is not to say there wasn’t any pain the procedure and I was stiff and sore for about 3 weeks after. But that was nothing compared to the pain of my actual back surgery and the recovery.

Over the next few months, after the stem cell procedure, I started feeling better and better. For the first time since my back injury my flexibility started to return. I began adding physical therapy to my recovery plan. The two together worked great and I got better and stronger.

It’s now 12 months later and I have not experienced ONE DAY of nerve pain!

I am back to doing the dumb things I love, like skateboarding, kiteboarding, and mountain biking.

It’s been amazing.


Interventional Radiologist Dr. Vallejo Reviews My 3 Lower Back MIRs

Watch This Short Video

My Back MRI Pre Stem Cells

Spine Before

This MRI was taken on 4-14-2021, before my stem cell injections it show where discs (black parts, should be grey when the discs are healthy) are severely pressing on my spinal cord. (white part up the middle) You can clearly see the black part budging in on the white. Those bulges are what was causing so much chronic nerve pain.

3 Months Post Stem Cells MRI

3 Month MRI

In this MRI on 7-20-21 about 90 days later, you can already see how much the damaged discs have retracted, taking enormous pressure off my spinal cord.  Releasing me of my chronic nerve and back pain.

12 Months Post Stem Cell Injections

12 Month MRI

This last MRI was on  6-6-2022 about a year later and you can see the discs continued to heal. The bulging has significantly decreased off the spinal cord.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It… The World Famous Tony Robbins Thinks That Stem Cells Are The Future Of Health And Healing!

Tony Robbins Life Force“Stem cell treatment is the next level medial solution with the potential to make a massive impact on human health & longevity. It  truly has the potential to save millions of lives.

Stem cell injections saved my shoulder after struggling with excruciating pain from spinal stenosis and a torn rotator cuff.

Stem cell treatment is truly next level in health innovation that can reverse the wear and tear we put on our bodies and prevent escalating further.” –

Tony Robbins

I’m here to make stem cell treatment more affordable and convenient to normal athletes like you and me.

We look forward to speaking with you during the live zoom call.

All the best!

Scotty OTM AKA The Stem Cell King of Tijuana


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