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Official Stem Cell Therapy Provider of the UFC!

The Cellular Performance Institute is a network of medical doctors, immunologists, naturopaths, geneticists, and scientists dedicated to optimizing your performance on a cellular level. Located just 20 minutes from the San Diego border, we specialize in cutting-edge stem cell therapy.

At CPI, we are at the forefront of changing the stem cell treatment landscape. Our institute is situated within the Translational Advanced Medical (TAM) Center, providing our patients access to a fully licensed hospital facility, complete with a state-of-the-art ISO-7 cGMP cellular manufacturing laboratory.

Discover how CPI is revolutionizing cellular performance and explore the possibilities of enhancing your well-being with our innovative treatments.

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Healing Stories

Eddie Bravo

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Founder

After I injured my shoulder again…I had to try the best options out there to see if they would work. I had no choice. Within three days, I could feel the inflammation in my knees going way down. I had to wait a while longer for my shoulder to recover, but I can now say it’s over 90% better and I have almost no pain in my knee.

Dominick Cruz

UFC Champion

Everything in Prize fighting entails getting beat up. So, there is a way to lessen the damage. I’m all in! When you do the research, there is not a lot of ways to repair tendons. Research on stem cells can speed up that process. While also taking away a lot of inflammation in your body… The big tell is that the big thing that works is that the inflammation goes down.

Using cutting edge Cellular Treatments and Testing, to improve your body’s Performance on a Cellular Level.

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Multi-Talented Medical Team
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Psychological Support Team & Coaching
Clinical Laboratory
Aftercare Support Telemedicine Program
World Class Scientific Team
Adjustments based on patient-specific data
Interventional Radiology Capabilities for Targeted Cellular Treatments

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