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Eryk Anders discuss his stem cell results with Joe Rogan

“Man, night and day! I couldn’t couldn’t even wrestle…. You know you have to use all that head position… I couldn’t turn my neck all the way!”

– Eryk Anders

“That is what is exciting about stem cells with discs is that they can regrow that disc tissue. Which is the only time I have ever heard of anyone being able to do that… Now they are able to shoot it into the disc and you can regenerate the tissue, so it actually gives you that cushion between your discs.”

– Joe Rogan

Eddie Bravo, 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Founder receives stem cell therapy at CPI

“After I injured my shoulder again…I had to try the best options out there, to see if it would work. I had no choice. Within 3 days I could feel the inflammation in my knees going way down. I had to wait awhile longer for my shoulder to recover but I can now say it’s over 90% better and I have almost no pain in my knee.”

– Eddie Bravo

A&E WWE Legends Documentary featuring Rey Mysterio at CPI

“I feel like it truly gave me longevity. I wasn’t waking up with aches. I was waking up pain-free from my knee. I truly feel this has rejuvenated me and added years to my career. During the last treatment I did in April of this year, I felt an incredible difference. This and everything I do to maintain my health has helped me perform the way I’ve been able to perform.”

– Rey Mysterio

Biohacker Kris Gethin describes his experience at CPI Stem Cells

“I have studied the efficacy of stem cells, but a lot of the Bio Hack that helps mobilize the stem cells, that proliferates the stem cells, and helps with the recovery. All of those things together are kinda unique, you don’t find that anywhere else from what I have researched. And obviously it’s very convenient just flying into San Diego.”

– Kris Gethin

UFC Champion Dominick Cruz defeats inflammation with Stem Cells

“Everything in Prize fighting entails getting beat up. So there is a way to lessen the damage I’m all in! When you do the research there is not a lot of way to repair tendons.. When you do the research on stem cells it can speed up that process. While also taking away a lot of inflammation in your body… The big tell is, the big thing that works is the inflammation goes down.”

– Dominick Cruz

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Former Bellator MMA Champion; Rafael Lovato Jr. receives stem cells

“It has been incredible, I spent a week getting stem cells and other treatments. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I got injections in my elbow, my neck, my shoulder and I also did some IV stem cells. For the past 10 years I have had really bad tendonitis in my hands and elbow . It got so bad I couldn’t fully extend or close my right arm. But now I can almost fully extend my arm completely straight. Before treatment I had lost a lot of mobility in my shoulder. I couldn’t even raise my arm up parallel to the ground because of the pain . Now, I can raise my arm over my head almost pain free. I am super happy about these results.”

– Rafael Lovato Jr.

2 Time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash Receives Stem Cell Treatment for his Neck, Shoulders, and Knee

“I did my research and I know that people have had success. At this point in my life the cumulative damage I have done to my body, especially my neck and shoulders have gotten to the point where surgeries were not relieving anything. I didn’t want to get my neck fused. So I started looking at alternative procedures…. At CPI they specialized my treatments to me… It’s cutting edge medicine.. Everything in my body got a rebirth.”

– Kevin Nash

Andre Galvao 15 Time World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & ADCC gets Stem Cell Treatments

“I started make more research about stem cells and I was like wow this is a pretty good thing… I have an old injury on my left knee, I had a meniscus surgery in 2016 but it seems my meniscus has a new little tear again. It’s not letting me bend my leg fully or extend my leg fully. And, I know the stem cells can help with the reconstruction of the tissue. I believe in this treatment… I started seeing many people from the industry coming here and seeing great results.”

– Andre Galvao

Danny gets stem cell facial and shoulder treatment

“So many people ask me about the stem cell facial. I wanted to get it done myself… It is a sharp pain but it goes away really quickly… The micro needling was not bad at all no really something that lingers at all. I’m feeling just fine now after.”

– Danny

Dominic Mysterio get stem cell treatments at CPI

“Usually when I take big bumps or falls in the ring my back will act up on me, to where I can’t put full pressure on my left leg. This is good for me. I need this for longevity and good health.”

– Dominic Mysterio

Joe Rogan talks about CPI Stem Cells and how stem cells are changing healing

“I have had amazing results with stem cells!”

– Joe

Mark Drury Got a New Hip with Help from CPI Stem Cells

Mark’s doctor told him he would need a hip replacement at 57. Years of hunting had worn away all the cartilage in both his hips. After just one stem cell treatment at CPI, he is back to hunting and no longer needs hip replacements. 

Stem Cell Treatments for Herniated Discs

“I’m extremely happy with the results! I would say I’m at least 75 to 85% better in just six months.”

– Mark

Youtuber & Professional Boxer Deen The Great Gets Stem Cell Treatment at CPI in Mexico

“It’s been great a experience is an 11 out of 10. Felt like a vacation. And, I have a new arm to whoop some ass!”

– Dean

Men’s Journal: Everyday Warrior Pod Cast with Mike Sarralle

In this week’s episode, we spoke to Ed Clay and Scott Nelson, the team behind the Cellular Performance Institute (CPI), located in Tijuana, Mexico, which specializes in stem cell therapy, which can regenerate damaged tissue from injuries.

Stem Cells for Turf Toe

“Five years ago, I suffered a turf toe injury. I was playing football with my two kids, who were 13 and 9 at the time, running on turf with the wrong footwear. As the years went by, I wasn’t able to load that joint in any way so that I couldn’t run or jump. I’ve had such great results from the stem cells. I can work without wondering if my foot will hurt when I go into my office in the morning. From a family perspective, I am definitely able to enjoy a lot more activities with my kids!”

– Josh

Shoulder Surgery Didn’t Work. But Stem Cells Did!

“I had to get shoulder surgery, and it did not work. The surgery left me without the ability to move my arm for an entire year. It was awful. I Googled stem cells and found a couple of places I came to CPI in November 2022. If I had known about this earlier, I wouldn’t have gotten shoulder surgery.  If I had just got stem cells, I would have been in and out. To me, this is just the right way to heal! I tell everyone about CPI Stem Cells now. “

– Elizabeth

Stem Cell Treatments for Sciatica

“I listened to Joe Rogan’s show, and I heard him talking about CPI. So I came down here for treatment. I’m so happy I did because CPI took all my back pain away, and my sciatica is 100% gone.”

– Joe

Post-traumatic car accident, avoiding surgery with stem cells

“I’m glad I didn’t have to undergo surgery, and I would not wish for anyone else to. It’s just been great, so I definitely recommend that anybody who’s struggling with orthopedic conditions give this a shot before surgery, any day.”

– Narinder

From needing a walker to going back to work all because of stem cells

“I couldn’t barely walk. I was using a walker every single day. I was sad, sad, sad. I was crying and in pain. Now I’m like 95% better, and I’m going to be 100% because of the stem cell. I am already back working on my farm.”

– Mario

Avoiding cervical disc replacement surgery with stem cells

“Before I came here, I was scheduled to have double disc replacement surgery. Since getting treated, I’ve improved in several ways. Not only did I avoid surgery, but I am pain free. This treatment has helped me take a deeper drive into my health overall.”

– Chris

Stem cell treatment for shoulder repair after surgery didn’t work

“I am avoiding another surgery at any cost. I don’t want any other surgeries. I didn’t have a great response to my surgeries. The downside was I was out for six or seven months with rehab and in the end, I was still damaged.”

– Eric

Replacing cortisol shots with stem cells

“Back in the US they wanted to do cortisone shots and put me on some medications. I ended up looking into it and long run it would end up messing my hands up worse. On the day of my appointment, I ended up canceling and luckily I had found out about CPI.”

– Brian

Stem cells post knee reconstruction surgery

“My doctors back in the USA told me it would take 18 months to get back to normal life, but with the help of CPI, I was back in 11 months up in the mountains skiing, snowboarding, and running.  It really expedited the whole healing process.”

– Thomas

Fixing old knee injuries with stem cells

“My pain level is down considerably, by at least half or better. I am sleeping through the night now with no pain. It’s been a really good experience.”

– Joel

Stem cell treatment for shoulder pain and no more asthma

“Most of my life, every January and February, I would have to take medications. Albuterol wasn’t enough, so I would need steroids. This year I didn’t need either of them. I’m really happy!”

– Glen

Stem cells for heart valve repair

The injection fraction on my left ventricle was in the range of only 45 to 55%. Twelve weeks after stem cells, my injection fraction was up to 65%. So I had a stronger injection fraction. My cardiologist was like whatever you’re doing keep doing it!”

– Denver

“I knew I had to get stem cell treatments as an aging grappler. I have all kinds of sore spots, in every joint and it hurts. Admittedly, I was a little worried about going to Tijuana, but once I got there, I felt super safe and it’s very clean. I received both IV stem cells and direct injection to my knee. I am already back to my training, and I’m feeling better so much sooner than I thought I would. I’m feeling great and I’ll be back, couldn’t recommend it more.”

– Casey Halstead

“Friendly staff and a super healing environment.

I think it’s super important to invest in ourselves, by healing our bodies and our minds.

Can’t say enough about my great experience at Cellular Performance Institute.”

– Dean Lister

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