At CPI we prefer the term Bio Longevity over Biohacking.

Hacking implies some experimentation or short cuts. At CPI we don’t take any shortcuts with our procedures or products. With 40 years of experience in life extension for the sickest of all patients everything we do is tested and has real world outcomes.

As modern medicine and the understanding of human physiology continues to advance, people have become more aware than ever of the opportunities that exist to overcome previously misunderstood conditions and ailments. With information being so accessible it’s now possible for anyone at home to do their own research about optimizing their health. Out of this has sprung what modern culture refers to as “biohacking”.

Many view this as a more “holistic” approach to health because it often does not involve the artificial and harmful drugs that the modern medical system frequently uses. We use treatments at CPI to not only heal the human body, but to enhance the human body. By the combination of a leading-edge scientific team and a top-notch medical staff we are able to deliver a variety of life-extending treatments not found anywhere else in the world.

Kris Gethin is the world’s most recognized transformation & biohacking expert. With over 150 MILLION users of his transformation programs, nobody can dispute Kris’ unrivaled authority of helping people transform their body. Hear about Kris’ experience with Cellular Performance Institutes bio longevity treatments.

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