MMA Champion Liz Carmouche’s Stem Cell Treatments

Bellator Champion Liz Carmouche Receives Stem Cell Treatments Pre Championship Bout At CPI Stem Cells

Known in her hay-day as the “Girl-Rilla” because of her chiseled physique, Liz Carmouche can add the title of Bellator Women’s Flyweight World Champion to her list of accomplishments. As of April 2022, she is currently ranked no. 2 in the Flyweight division. Liz credits CPI Stem Cell Treatment as one of the key factors in her training for the title fight.

Standing at only 5 feet 6 inches, Liz, at age 38 recognizes that a preventative maintenance plan is crucial for any athlete, but certainly for MMA fighters.

“MMA is (such) a high compact sport with high contact,” she says, “[I’m looking for] anything and everything possible to stay healthy and in the game for as long as possible.”

With the Cellular Performance Institute, located just across the border from her San Diego Combat Academy training facility, she took advantage of the option. “CPI does a really good job at assuring you. [They] make sure that every step of the process and travel is safe”, she says.

Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Liz grew up in Okinawa, Japan. It’s unknown if her years surrounded by the creation and culture of martial arts lead to her passion for the sport of MMA. But it can certainly be said that her talents for close contact sports shines through in every fight that she faces.

Before becoming a world title holder, Liz Carmouche served in the United States Marine Corps. In her five years (from 2004-2009), of active duty, she completed three tours of duty in the Middle East (War of Afghanistan/Iraq War). Amazingly, in 2010 she officially started her career as a professional fighter, winning her first three fights by knockout or submission tap-out(s).

She successfully defeated Colleen Schneider, in August of 2010, by unanimous decision, after only two rounds and Jan Finney in November of 2010, by TKO in the third round.

As with most careers, athletic or otherwise, highs and lows are just a part of the growth process. Yes-Liz has had her fair share of defeats along the way, but posting a current record of 24 wins and 17 losses, with 8 being by knockout, is nothing to sneeze at.

She has “invested in [her] future,” and allowed CPI to help her along the way. Her decision to opt for stem cell treatment via CPI, has given her “confidence in the ring.”

With no laboring down-time, and a quick outpatient treatment classification, stem cell treatment or regenerative medicine is the optimal choice. Patients can expect a non-invasive and painless extraction of blood stem cells. The blood is then circulated within a centrifuge machine to remove the stem cells but returns any remaining plasma and blood cells directly to the patient. The result is an injectable “liquid of gold”!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a high-contact sport that combines striking and grappling. As with any contact sport, there is an inevitable risk of getting injured. In MMA, fighters can sustain injuries to various parts of their bodies. This may occur in the head, face, neck, shoulders, hands, legs, and feet. Liz Carmouche, a professional MMA fighter, aims to improve her recovery time from these issues. This is how she discovered stem cell therapy.

In this episode, Liz shares her experience with Cellular Performance Institute (CPI). After deciding to fight the injuries she got in her high-impact sport, she tried stem cell therapy. She highlights the importance of investing in your body and health. With this method, athletes can stay healthy and compete longer. Consider adding cell therapy to your health plan. Use it for prevention or recovery post-injury or surgery.

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Listen To The Full Episode:

  1. Discover the pros of stem cell therapy for injury recovery.
  2. Find out the affordable and safe options for medical care in Mexico.
  3. Listen to Liz compare her CPI and usual medical experiences.


  • Know more about CPI

Episode Highlights

[00:38] Liz’s Health Issues

Liz has had problems with her ankle, shoulder, and knees. She will do everything to stay healthy in the game for as long as possible.

[00:46] Research on Stem Cell Therapy

Liz did a lot of research on stem cell therapy. She decided to try CPI after positive feedback from friends who got it.

[01:06] Medical System vs CPI

“It’s like night and day,” Liz comments. This is the difference between the medical system and stem cell therapy.

US healthcare involves paying for health insurance every month. There are also a lot of phone calls, consultations, and referrals. Overall, it’s a long process.

Even worse, at the end of many tests, there may not be a definite answer. You pay a great deal of money but come out with even more questions.

With CPI, you get results more quickly with less hassle. Immediately, you get blood tests, x-rays, and MRIs. “And then, there are answers. Well, this is probably what’s going on,” Liz explains.

[02:24] Liz’s Advice

Liz encourages listeners to invest in their health. “We have options when it comes to our medical care,” she says.

Adding stem cell therapy to your plan can help ensure a healthy future. This is not only for those who have had surgery or sustained injuries. You can also get it for preventive maintenance. After all, for Liz, “Our bodies are what’s going to be here when every other door closes in our life.”

[03:12] Going to Mexico for Treatment

Mexico is a great place to receive medical treatments. This is because of its cost-effectiveness and affordability. CPI takes the necessary steps to ensure every part of the process and travel is safe. Patients are assured that Mexico is a secure option for medical services. Additionally, the quality of care there has risen to number two in the world. That makes it an even more attractive choice.

“I would absolutely recommend CPI to anyone and everyone that could possibly make their way there,” Liz shares. After receiving treatment, she’s fired up to keep her Bellator women’s flyweight belt.

[04:13] How Stem Cells Have Affected Liz as She Enters the Most Important Fight Camp of Her Life

Liz reports that her sleep has improved. There is a substantial difference after 30 days. She claims, “I forgot that I went there to treat these injuries, because they feel normal. It feels like I’m all recovered and healthy again, ready to get into this fight.”

Also, her stamina has upped while the recovery time between sessions decreased. Previously, she would feel exhausted without a caffeine boost. Now, she feels great going into her afternoon and evening sessions.

[04:49] Decrease in Injuries

Liz has noticed fewer injuries and an improved recovery time since starting stem cell therapy. She mentions that, as an athlete, she’s used to suffering from bumps and bruises during training. With stem cell therapy, injuries that take her out for a week now require only a few days of recovery.

All of these have hugely impacted her health, considering she’s 37 years old. After all, she is competing against much younger fighters who recover faster. Liz feels the therapy has helped her recover at the same rate as them. Stem cell therapy has greatly benefited her overall health and performance.

[05:24] Feeling Younger with Stem Cell Therapy

In her opinion, stem cell therapy has given Liz a new life force. It has helped her feel younger as she prepares to compete at the highest level of her sport.

She believes that doing stem cells is a good preparation. It has given her the confidence to achieve the pinnacle of the mountain.

[06:07] Better than Surgery

Liz considers stem cell therapy to be a better option than surgical procedures. She highly recommends this treatment to others as an alternative option to surgery. In her words, “It didn’t just put a bandaid on it [while] it’s still injured underneath there. It healed the injuries that I had.”

Sometimes, a surgical procedure is necessary. But you will need a long time to recover. It depends on the injury’s depth and the surgery type. Therefore, going holistic and trying alternative methods is an option.

“I feel like I have more explosiveness not only because I’m recovering faster. But my body feels rejuvenated. I feel younger. I feel like, before I had surgeries in the past, I wish I’d done this option first. Because who knows how I’d feel at this age if I’d done that. And because just the life that it’s giving me now, and how much younger and healthier from now. It’s definitely the better option out there,” she adds.

“I highly recommend [CPI and stem cell treatment], as an alternative option. Stem cell treatment will continue to be a part of my preventative maintenance plan!”

We at Cellular Performance Institute, want to congratulate Liz Carmouche on her title winning fight. We also want to thank Liz and her team for giving us the opportunity to provide an unmatched level of care!

She’ll see you in the cage!

About Liz Carmouche

Liz Carmouche is an American Marine Corps Veteran turned pro mixed martial artist. She currently holds the title of Bellator Women’s Flyweight World Champion. She has the longest active winning streak with five consecutive wins. Also known as “Girl-Rilla,” Carmouche competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) from 2013 to 2019. Check out her latest updates on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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