Doctor Reviews CPI Stem Cell Results for Rotator Cuff Injury!

CPI Medical Director, Dr. Mariela is excited to share some incredible MRI results. This week we had a follow-up with one of our stem cell patients who had a severe rotator cuff injury. Prior to treatment at CPI he had bad inflammation, resulting in pain and mobility issues in his shoulder.

CPI Stem Cell Results

During his six-month follow-up, we noted substantial physical improvements. He regained mobility in his shoulder and was able to lift his arm with ease. What’s even more exciting are  positive changes in his MRI scans.

Among the first MRI images before stem cell therapy, the superior portion of the tendon, which appears inflamed and discolored, indicates damage and inflammation. However, in the after MRI images, it is significantly reduced compared to before. This reduction in inflammation, combined with the improvement in the patient’s symptoms, indicates the halted progression of deterioration.

Now it is time to begin tissue regeneration.

How Is CPI Able To Get Such Results?

At CPI, we’ve revolutionized stem cell therapy by the exclusive use of Expanded Hypoxic Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), a game-changing approach not available in the United States.

Traditional stem cell therapies often use cells from bone marrow or fat. But at CPI, we grow our own MSCs in low-oxygen conditions, mimicking the body’s natural tissue environment. This unique process boosts the MSCs’ survival and function, greatly improving their ability to repair and regenerate tissue. In fact, we are the largest producer of Hypoxic MSCs in the world.

Here’s why hypoxic MSCs can produce better results:

  1. Better Survival and Function: MSCs grown under hypoxic conditions survive better when transplanted into damaged tissue, leading to improved repair and regeneration.
  2. Increased Healing Factor Secretion: Hypoxic conditions boost the release of healing signals from MSCs, prompting nearby cells to start the repair process and recruit more repair cells.
  3. Improved Targeting: Hypoxic MSCs are better at finding and migrating to injured areas, especially helpful for athletes with localized injuries.
  4. Stronger Inflammation Control: Hypoxic MSCs have a more potent effect on calming inflammation compared to those grown in normal conditions, crucial for treating sports-related injuries.
  5. Longer Lifespan: Hypoxic conditions slow down MSC aging, ensuring they can keep working effectively over time for long-term treatments.

At CPI, we are not just the largest manufacturer of hypoxic mesenchymal stem cells globally; we leading a shift in regenerative medicine. Our mission—to harness the transformative power of stem cells to help people live better lives.

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