How Stem Cell Therapy Transformed This Man’s Chronic Pain.

Hector Delgado is a BJJ practitioner from Colorado. He recently underwent stem cell therapy at CPI and had great success!

For the past five years, Hector has been grappling with chronic pain that’s kept him off the mats. Whenever he thought he felt better, the pain stopped him training. It all started out minor discomfort, aches and pains from the wear and tear of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA…or so he thought. But over time, those nagging injuries escalated, and the pain became unbearable, often reaching an intensity of eight to ten out of ten.

Not only could Hector not train as hard as he used to, but the pain began to affect other aspects of his life, especially his sleep. Nights were restless, and his constant movement would only have him waking up with aching shoulders.

Life was a constant fog.

While listening to the Joe Rogan podcast, Hector heard Joe talk about stem cells at CPI and the incredible results some of his friends were seeing. He knew he had to give CPI a shot.

After the first stem cell treatment, Hector noticed a significant improvement. He could finally sleep without tossing and turning in pain. Fast forward three months, and Hector confidently states that the difference has been life-changing. While his right shoulder still has rare flareups, his left shoulder feels almost as good as new. Hector is able to train harder, sleep better, and enjoy life without the constant burden of pain.

To Hector, stem cell therapy wasn’t just a treatment; it was an investment in health and well-being. If you’re struggling with chronic pain and traditional treatments haven’t worked and you’d like to see if CPI can help you please call +1 (855) 227-1411 or Click Here.

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