How Stem Cell Treatments Transformed Keith Hackney’s Life

UFC Legend, Keith Hackney, renowned for his fights in the UFC 34 Ultimate Ultimate 95, had been struggling with chronic pain due to various injuries accumulating throughout his career. Despite multiple surgeries meant to help the pain, it still stuck around. In turn, the pain began to affect his day-to-day life and work. 

Torn rotator cuffs, detached tendons, and knee injuries plagued him, pushing his pain levels to a constant seven or eight. Keith hated pain medication and thus refused to take any, and as a result was searching for alternative therapies.

Fortunately Keith was introduced to stem cell therapy through the Rogan podcast. Upon listening to Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan discuss the healing potential of the non-invasive pain solutions at CPI Stem Cells, Keith reached out and began treatment in August 2023, focusing on his knees and shoulders- His most painful areas.

Within three months of treatment, Keith noticed a remarkable reduction in pain in both his knees and shoulders. Today, his pain levels don’t go above a 2, a drastic improvement compared to before. He even planned to return for another round of treatment to further his recovery.

But it’s not just Keith who has benefited from stem cell therapy; his wife has also undergone the treatment. Encouraged by Keith’s journey, she is now experiencing a 50% improvement in just six months of treatment. This dramatic change in their lives has left Keith not only pain-free but also eager to spread their experience with others. He’s already recommended stem cell therapy to numerous friends, sharing his positive experience.

Stem cell therapy has not only alleviated Keith’s chronic pain but has also revitalized his quality of life. As he lives in his newfound freedom from pain, he is thankful for the profound transformation granted to him by stem cell surgery. For Keith, CPI transcends being merely a treatment center; it stands as a beacon of hope for individuals in search of relief from enduring pain.

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