“I’ve got ZERO Pain Right Now” – CPI Stem Cells for Chronic Shoulder Pain

Ten years ago, Raymond’s life took a dramatic turn when a snowboarding accident damaged his ankle and shoulder. Before discovering stem cell therapy, he went through with surgery on his ankle, only to continue suffering from significant problems such as nagging pain and inflammation. His shoulder was a constant source of pain due to the severely damaged cartilage. He rated his pain at a relentless 10 out of 10, making everyday activities like sleeping, shaving his head, and brushing his teeth nearly impossible with his right arm.

Raymond went to multiple doctors, all of whom suggested a total joint replacement with a daunting six-month recovery period. The idea of such a major surgery, with only a temporary reduction in pain, pushed Raymond to explore alternative treatments. He was not going to be limited by pain for the rest of his life. Through his research, he discovered CPI Stem Cells in Mexico and was convinced by their significant stem cell quality compared to options available in the U.S.

In December 2023, Raymond made the journey to CPI Stem Cells in Tijuana, Mexico. His decision started a remarkable transformation in his quality of life. Immediately after his stem cell treatment, he noticed that the pain in his body became less of an issue and more of an afterthought. 

“I can literally do push-ups now, 100% difference,” Raymond recalls. “The inflammation in my body has decreased, I’m not waking up sore anymore, and I’ve been able to sleep well.”

The improvements didn’t stop there. Raymond’s overall health began to improve. He started gaining healthy weight and getting stronger, a sign that his body was going though it’s natural recovery process. The stem cell therapy not only relieved his shoulder and ankle pain but also had a positive impact on his general well-being, affecting his heart, liver, kidneys, and urinary tract.

Raymond’s MRI results for his shoulder showed a dramatic change in his condition. After just two shots in his stem cell treatment, he reported zero pain. His ankle, once a constant source of discomfort, also responded similarly to the treatment. 

Raymond’s journey with stem cell therapy has been so transformative that he is now a firm believer in its potential. He plans to bring his parents and son to CPI Stem Cells for treatment and intends to make regular visits for maintenance and minor issues. He strongly advocates for considering stem cell therapy before opting for major surgeries like those for the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, wrist, or spine.

“If you have a surgery planned, this is the route to go first before surgery, 100%,” Raymond emphasizes.

Raymond’s story is a powerful testament to the life-changing potential of stem cell therapy. From enduring years of debilitating pain to regaining his strength and quality of life, his journey underscores the effectiveness of stem cell treatments at CPI Stem Cells in Tijuana, Mexico. For those facing similar struggles, Raymond’s experience offers hope and a compelling reason to explore stem cell therapy as a viable alternative to invasive surgeries.

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