MRIs Don’t Lie with Scott Heaney


Martial arts serve as a means to achieve mindfulness and self-exploration. As a discipline, it trains not only the body but also the mind. Though helpful in cultivating self-awareness, emotional regulation, and mental clarity, its rigorous nature may also bring health problems. An athlete may inevitably suffer injuries or physical damage during training or a fight.

In this episode, Scott Heaney of “The Martial Way” joins us. He gives an update on his stem cell treatment for his neck. Scott is excited to share his journey of healing with us and welcomes questions from listeners. His story highlights the importance of stem cell therapy in the future of medicine.

The Cellular Performance Institute (CPI) is at the forefront of stem cell therapy, offering a range of treatments for different health problems. As Scott puts it, CPI’s life-saving work offers hope and healing for those in need. With more research and development, the use of stem cells in medical treatments will only grow. CPI will also continue to be a pioneer in this field.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover whether stem cells really work.
  2. Learn how you can access life-saving interventions at CPI.
  3. Discover which body parts stem cell therapy can benefit.


Episode Highlights

[00:29] MRIs Are A Telltale

Scott, a martial arts enthusiast, underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for his neck. He shares that he has finished reviewing the scans with the doctors. Though he’s feeling really good at the moment, he wishes he could progress more. Unfortunately, he can’t ask for miracles to happen.

The cervical spine is also known as the back of the neck. People who suffer from an injury to it, due to a car accident, major fall, or trauma typically undergo a CT scan. If the test does not reveal bone fractures, doctors can use an MRI to look for ligament damage. This damage may indicate neck instability. It could potentially cause spinal cord injuries if left untreated.

Scott mentioned that his telltale MRIs have indicated healing progress. Feeling good after considering clinical findings and experience is a positive sign. “I’m feeling really good. But MRIs are telltale. And yep, it is working. So I wish I had progressed even more, but it can’t pass for miracles.”

[00:42] Healing The Neck

Scott knows that he’s on the right path. He is excited to do follow-up stem cell treatments for his neck. As for his lower back, he won’t be treating them for now. Thankfully, it’s great at the moment. It enables him to focus on the healing of just his neck vertebrae.

Stem cell therapy is a promising non-surgical option for those suffering from neck issues. Examples include cervical radiculopathy or nerve root compression. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can become any cell in the body. 

When injected into damaged tissue, stem cells can help repair and regenerate those cells. This ground-breaking therapy has been applied to many ailments in real life.

Stem cells can come from different sources. The doctor will prepare them and then inject them into the damaged area of the neck. Doing so can help reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration, and improve overall function.

It’s a pity people can’t get this type of care in the U.S. now. Despite numerous studies, the FDA has yet to approve stem cell treatments.

[01:17] Life-Saving Work At CPI

The martial artist gave Scotty Nelson and Ed Clay a shout-out. He’s in awe. He met a diverse group of people, from professional racers to finance people to whatever you name it.

Those people came from all over the world—Switzerland, Canada (like him), the United States, and more. He adds, “Rightfully so, because honestly, what they’re doing down here is life-saving work.”

Stem cell research and therapy are truly important for the future of personalized medicine. Doctors can create treatments tailored to the patient’s needs. This approach has the potential to improve outcomes and reduce side effects.

CPI’s life-saving work gives patients a glimmer of hope. With continued research and development, stem cells can potentially improve the quality of life for millions of people all over the world. “You know, obviously they are for the cancer… we are people with the different injuries and stuff like myself, and so it’s, you know, it’s saving our lives.”

[01:51] CHIPSA Hospital In Tijuana

CPI in Mexico offers different stem cell treatments for various health problems. It is one of the longest-running cancer treatment centers in Tijuana, Mexico. They’ve been providing comprehensive care to patients for over 40 years.

Scott says that people with different injuries, like himself, go there for life-saving treatment. He ends with praise for the amazing work everyone on the team does.

“Just amazing work. I’ll keep everyone posted again. Thanks for [the] people who’ve been reaching out really, really appreciate it. And I’m glad I’ve actually inspired some other people to go ahead with this too.” he added.

[03:20] Sunshine on the Other Side

Scott invites anyone who has questions or anything to reach out to him. He emphasizes that there’s nothing in this for him. He’s just an absolute advocate of healing through stem cells. He reminds us that there’s sunshine on the other side, and he’ll keep us posted on how his treatment goes.

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new field. Still, more research is needed to understand its potential benefits and risks fully. However, early studies have shown promising results. It is a non-surgical option that may be worth considering for those suffering from neck problems.

CPI is at the forefront of stem cell therapy. It offers innovative treatments designed to promote healing and recovery.

With advances in regenerative medicine, the future looks promising. The use of stem cells in medical treatments will only grow from here. For more information, talk to a trusted professional if stem cell therapy is right for you. Also, seek a second opinion before considering surgery.

About Scott Heaney

Scott Heaney is a man in his 50s who rekindled his interest in martial arts. Despite being obsessed with it when he was young, he finds that martial arts serve as a vehicle toward a more mindful and self-aware path. He practices Kyokushin under Shihan Steve Fogarasi, 5th Dan. This is at Contact Kicks dojo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Visit his Instagram and Facebook to learn more about “The Martial Way.”

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