WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash Gets Stem Cell Treatment at CPI

Known as one of the greatest wrestling legends of all time, Hall of Famer Kevin Nash knows a thing or two about the limits of the human body and how far to push. But with those years of relying on his impressive 6’ 10” frame to become a world-renowned professional wrestler, Nash also knows, all too well, what the reality of a lifetime of intense injury, damage, and trauma can mean to both physical and mental health. For most athletes, injury is par for the course. We combat intense exertion, pushing the body’s limits, recurring damage, inflammation, and sometimes worse. But for most, the level of injury Nash endured is unfathomable. Just because he was the biggest – and some will passionately argue the best – in the ring doesn’t mean he was immune to the physical damage so common in his sport. Nash has broken his neck twice, torn his quadriceps and triceps off the bone, torn his biceps, endured a tibia/fibula compact fracture, and has had multiple rotator cuff tears. Believe it or not, the list goes on…

Years of injury left his body reeling. He seemed like the invincible champion of the ring from the outside, towering over others, strong and fit. But on the inside, Nash’s reality was dramatically different. His pain was off the charts. He had daily difficulty functioning and sometimes found it impossible to lift his arms above his head, wash his hair, and turn his neck. It got so bad that he had a dark and desperate conversation with his wife, telling her that he could make it through any challenge in his life but that this pain had him questioning if he could go on living. Nash admitted he was suicidal.

In a twist of fate, a friend suggested cellular medicine. Being a professional athlete, you hear countless on- and off-book methods for wellness and recovery. And Kevin Nash had heard them all. But this time, what he was hearing was different. Years ago, he shared his struggles with Cellular Performance Institute (CPI) founders Scott Nelson and Ed Clay. Having undergone many surgeries over that time and having consulted with the best doctors in the world, Nash had his reservations. But he decided he would temper his expectations because, after all, reversing this level of damage seemed ambitious, if not impossible. But he had nothing to lose. 

Nash was at a pivotal moment. Surgeons recommended a fusion of his neck from C2-C7 – essentially “gluing” most of his cervical vertebrae together. By doing so, Nash would no longer have the same mobility or range of motion and would essentially be left to turn his head only by rotating his shoulders and torso. This was reason enough to listen to what the innovative doctors at CPI were doing.  He made the trip — twenty minutes from San Diego into Mexico. 

The lead-up to this point wasn’t casual. The tenacity and determination that Nash used to become a worldwide icon was also what he used to research and decide on what was best for his body at this stage of life. He understood that the science was revolutionary, and the only reason it hadn’t taken over medicine in the United States was government restrictions. The reality wasn’t just political; it was harsh and sobering – if this therapy were readily available in the US, countless people suffering in the same way would have the possibility of repairing and resetting a lifetime of injury and deterioration, not to mention addressing intense pain-fueled depression. It would fiercely challenge the current medical and pharma system to its core. 

Staffed by some of the most cutting-edge thinkers and innovative scientists dedicated to challenging the ideas of aging and pain, CPI has fast become a leader in cellular medicine. Helmed by leaders in the stem cell field and supported by one of the most advanced on-site labs in the world, CPI has the know-how and equipment to offer the very pinnacle in wellness and holistic care.


The Treatment Protocol

The doctors at CPI determined that Nash would be injected with stem cells between his discs and facet joints. By using CT Scan, the doctor injects into the precise area where these versatile cells can best regenerate and rebuild. Overall, 60 million stem cells were injected into Nash, divided between six facet joints and discs. Immediately after his first injections, Nash felt diminished pain when performing the same movements he couldn’t make minutes before.

Over the next 30 to 90 days, is when most patients start to feel the healing effects.

CALLOUT: CPI scientists cultivate stem cells from full-term umbilical cords, and our doctors have the experience and expertise to tailor each treatment to an individual’s needs.

After all of this, perhaps the most crucial point that Nash makes is that until you experience it yourself, you can’t fully realize how pain manifests in psychological and mental ways. Pain compromises daily living, social and interpersonal relationships, and overall quality of life. And for some, it leads to suicidal thoughts, addiction, and self-harm. Nash stresses how the treatment can not only eliminate the need and dependency on painkillers — from the most aggressive to over-the-counter ibuprofen, but it may challenge the need for mental health medication as the root cause of depression is addressed. 

Standing in front of you, Nash is pure superhero. He is physically imposing, supremely confident, and gifted with the requisite flair a WWE world champion undoubtedly must have. But at the core, he is mortal. One may not understand the victory and excellence of being the best in a sport or what it feels like when thousands of people shout your name, but we all understand pain. 

If you or someone you know is exploring stem cell therapy, the Cellular Performance Institute is an option near home with the knowledge and experience to give you real options. Stem cell therapy is not for everyone, but learning more with a consultation with one of our doctors is a great way to know if it’s right for you.

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