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Rey Mysterio Interview

Rey Mysterio Was Recently A Patient For Stem Cell Therapy At Cellular Performance Institute & Now He Has His Own A&E Biography, WWE: Legends.

We want to congratulate Rey on his documentary’s premiere tomorrow Sunday, August 29th on A&E Chanel.  The show covers Rey, real name Óscar Gutiérrez. The new show covers Rey’s 30-plus years of Pro Wrestling career. Including his first ever match at just 14 years old. It’s no wonder he needed stem cells.

Known for his creative Luca masks, passed on from his uncle, Rey Misterio, Sr. real name Miguel Lopez.  “The mask turns me into a Super Hero!” – Rey says.

Rey has been a true inspiration for his fans, especially in his hometown of Tijuana, MX. Also the home of CPI Stem Cells.

Stem Cell Treatment - Rey MysterioSuccess took its toll on Rey’s body, performing for audiences over the years with his high flying acrobatic performances.  In April of 2022 Rey and his family, son Dominik, and wife Angie came to Cellular Performance Institute.

Back in 1999 at WCW Superbrawl Rey had a very famous match with & Konnan Vs. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (Mask Vs. Hair Match). This was his first unmasking in a wrestling event. Kevin Nash is also a CPI patient.

Both Rey and his son Dominik were treated for all their various wrestling injuries.

Rey had this to say about his stem cell treatments. “I feel like it truly gave me longevity. I wasn’t waking up with aches. I was waking up pain-free from my knee. I truly feel this has rejuvenated me and added years to my career. During the last treatment I did in April of this year, I felt an incredible difference. This and everything I do to maintain my health has helped me perform the way I’ve been able to perform.”

At Cellular Performance Institute (CPI), we have earned a reputation. We are a trusted partner for stem cell treatment among patients worldwide, not just Americans. We believe the question of traditional versus alternative is irrelevant. What matters most is what will improve the quality of life for our patients. That is why we use stem cells sourced from the umbilical cord.

Stem cell research and treatments are still in the early stages. But many people are turning to CPI because of the quality of our services. In this episode, father and son Rey and Dominik Mysterio join us. They talk about their experience in stem cell therapy at CPI. They also discuss their injuries and why they got the treatment.

As we age, our bodies naturally deteriorate and become prone to injury. This can make it hard to train and compete at the highest level. By feeling young and staying active, athletes can strive for a better lifestyle. This is especially true for athletes like the father-son duo who sustain severe injuries often.

The Cellular Performance Institute (CPI) is revolutionizing the world of athletes. How? Through its reputable stem cell treatments. As a trusted partner for those seeking cutting-edge treatments, CPI is dedicated to providing the best care. Its state-of-the-art medical facility helps people reclaim their lives and pursue their passions.

Stem cells are promising when it comes to improving health. CPI has already made a name for itself in delivering exceptional services. In this episode, pro wrestler Rey Mysterio joins us. He talks about how he discovered stem cell therapy in Mexico and decided to get the treatment. He also shares his injuries in the ring, previous surgeries, and experience with CPI.

Despite his impressive athleticism and high-flying moves, Rey’s injuries take a toll on his body. Chronic pain from damaged joints or aging can affect anyone. But regenerative medicine has now advanced where treatment options can offer hope. With stem cell therapy, people can look forward to returning to doing what they love.

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Listen To The Full Episode:

  1. Find out what stem cell treatment is all about.
  2. Discover how stem cell therapy can extend an athlete’s career.
  3. Learn how the treatment transformed Rey’s life.


Episode Highlights

[00:00] Longevity In An Athlete’s Career

Rey Mysterio shares, “Stem cells have given me the opportunity to extend my career past the phase that I thought I would never make it to.

He heard Eddie Bravo talk to Joe Rogan about the treatment. This piqued his interest, pushing him to learn more about CPI.

Stem cells are now popular among athletes, as they offer potential treatment for injuries. Who wouldn’t want to remain active in their careers? Luckily, this innovative solution is now within reach. Stem cells can develop into a specialized cell type in the body. This means they can help repair damaged tissues and regenerate new cells.

Athletes strive to maintain longevity in their careers, and stem cell therapy can help them. It promotes the healing of damaged tissues faster than typical methods. Conveniently, it has also helped with spinal cord problems and muscle, ligament, tendon, and cartilage damage.

[00:34] Accumulated Physical Damages

Rey started wrestling when he was young. By now, he has over 30 years of being in the sport. Along with the strength he gained, he has suffered from a range of physical trauma. A few examples are sprained ankles, arthritic left knee, and even constant, chronic pain. With more than ten surgeries done in his life, his knee has no cartilage anymore.

Soft tissue injuries can have severe consequences for fighters. For example, take reduced performance or even career endings. But with stem cell treatment, these impacts can be mitigated.

Stem cells offer potential but are not the only treatment in development. Experts are also researching platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and tissue engineering.

[0:57] Way To Go

In 2013, Rey was under the care of Dr. Chao, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. Rey was told, “I really don’t understand how you’re still wrestling.” While ordinary people would be in constant pain, Rey still got in the ring to fight. But a knee replacement already seems to be in Rey’s future.

He then learned about stem cells and researched the topic. It did not take long for him to realize, “Stem cells were definitely the way to go.”

Called “origin cells,” stem cells can morph into various types of cells. This makes them highly adaptable and potent. Wrestlers, in particular, can benefit from their effects. After all, stem cells can promote recovery in areas that have been traumatized during matches.

Stem cell therapy is an excellent choice for injuries that take longer or prove harder to heal. Tendons are one tissue type vulnerable to injury and often slow to recover. Stem cells accelerate the recovery of these tissues.

You can benefit from stem cells even if you do not play sports but sustained trauma or injury. For instance, it can speed up healing for tissues like cartilage, tendons, or other body parts.

[01:47] Continue With Your Life

Rey describes the treatment as a game-changer. Even his son Dominik, who followed in his footsteps, went to CPI for lower back pain. He’s only 25 years old. Stem cells do not discriminate between the young and old. They just allow you to continue your life actively. That is why Rey highly recommends undergoing stem cell therapy.

One of the best things about the treatment is its minimal side effects. The procedure takes little time, yet the outcome is long-lasting. Success has been seen in terms of pain relief and life improvement.

You can expect a heavy feeling after the injection, but it should get better soon. This could be due to swelling around the injection area. But as Rey confirmed, it’s not a cause for concern. The heaviness will vanish once the healing progresses.

[02:18] Tune Up Your Body

Whether you’re getting older or injured, there is no need to suffer from pain. You can get moving and resume your life pain-free. Rey is excited to rest for a few days, then hit the gym and the mat again.

Rey has decided to visit CPI for stem cell therapy yearly. To him, stem cells are a product of medical evolution.

Stem cell therapy is remarkable for athletes like Rey who always face injuries due to their careers. It promotes faster healing and reduced long-term effects. With this, stem cells offer a safe and effective way for wrestlers to recover.

The staff at CPI is very excited for Rey and his family. Make sure you tune in to watch the show at the link bellow.


If you or a loved one is interested to see if stem cell therapy we offer a free doctor’s consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment.

About Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is the ring name of Óscar Gutiérrez. He is a Mexican-American pro wrestler best known for his high-flying Lucha Libre style. He has competed in WWE since 2002. In WCW, he was a two-time Cruiserweight Champion and three-time World Tag Team Champion. The wrestling star is signed to Lucha Underground at present. Check out his Instagram and Twitter for merchandise and the latest updates!

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