Bodybuilder Kris Gethin Heals Injuries with CPI Stem Cells in Mexico

In the fast-paced world of extreme sports and bodybuilding, injuries and pain are all too common. For Kris Gethin, a seasoned athlete with a passion for pushing his physical limits, injuries became an unavoidable part of his journey. From mountain bike racing to surfing, swimming, and beyond, Kris lived a life of adventure, but it came with its share of physical tolls. It wasn’t until he came across CPI stem cells that he was able to sustain the quality of life he was used to.

Kris’s list of injuries reads like a catalogue of sportsman’s battles: a torn ACL, a torn meniscus, a torn elbow tendon, a tricep torn 68% off the bone, a torn labrum, and a torn rotator cuff. Each injury left its painful mark, impacting not just his body but his mental resilience as well. The surgery for his tricep was especially painful; the surgeons had to drill through a hole in his humorous to reattach the tendons, and they gave him opioids to help deal with the pain. Even after a year later he still dealt with a whopping 70% of pain and discomfort and only regained 30% of his strength. So despite undergoing many surgeries to address the issues for his pain, Kris found himself still dealing with persistent pain and lack of strength. This unpleasant realization had him researching more alternative solutions, with the most promising being stem cell therapy.

Kris’s journey with CPI Stem Cells began after hearing about the clinic from UFC fighters who had experienced recoveries from injuries without the invasive process of surgery. Recognizing the importance of thorough research, Kris explored various stem cell treatment facilities across the globe, including locations in Colombia, Panama, and beyond. Witnessing the comprehensive approach taken by CPI, which included not only stem cell injections but also additional modalities such as clean organic food, PEMF therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy, NAD Myers cocktail, and IV treatments, he realized that this facility prioritized comfort as well as health. At CPI, Kris found himself being treated as a distinguished guest. In December of 2021, Kris progressed his stem cell journey by getting his first injections, seeking relief and restoration for his battered body.

Six months post-stem cell treatment, Kris experienced an increase in strength and a sharp decrease in pain. Review MRIs revealed that his tears had begun to heal, taking out the need for further surgery. Nearly two years after his rotator cuff surgery, he was back in the gym, pressing heavy weights as if he had never been limited by pain. The impact of stem cell therapy extended beyond mere healing. Kris’s knee, once plagued by cartilage loss, showed signs of regeneration, reducing pain and enhancing mobility. 

In an era where technology allows us to “hack” our health back to a stabilized state, CPI Stem Cells emerges as a path to healing and enhanced performance with a mix of hospitality and technology. Kris’s story serves as a tale of inspiration to all who love pushing themselves to the limit and will continue to do so with the help of stem cell therapy. 

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