Chronic Shoulder Pain Healed with Stem Cell Therapy at CPI!

Todd, a hardworking farmer, found relief through stem cell therapy at CPI.  Prior to coming down for treatment, he was experiencing  excruciating pain due to a shoulder injury sustained while working on his farm. Todd also found himself having trouble carrying out everyday tasks. Flare-ups would occur as many as 20 times a day and life was hard. 

He described his injury as a painful burning sensation, affecting his ability to do repairs to the irrigation that his farm needs to function. The pain kept getting worse and worse, to the point where he could not put on a belt, a jacket, or sleep on his right side!

Doctors told Todd that surgery was his only option, but he was determined to find a solution that was not so invasive.. That’s when a friend from the MMA world told him about stem cell therapy at CPI Stem Cells and the great healing stories coming out of there. 

Todd’s decision to undergo stem cell therapy at CPI proved to be life-changing. Three months after his initial treatment, he has experienced a remarkable improvement in his condition. His flare-ups are gone, stating that he feels a “70% improvement” from when he first started. 

Stem cell therapy at CPI not only alleviated Todd’s pain but also allowed him to reclaim his life and his livelihood. 

Todd’s journey with stem cell therapy serves as a powerful testament to its possible  effectiveness in treating chronic injuries. If you’re suffering from joint pain or facing the prospect of surgery, and would like to consider stem cell therapy please call +1 (855) 227-1411 or Click Here

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