Rey and Dominik Mysterio Get Stem Cell Treatments at CPI

At Cellular Performance Institute (CPI), we have earned a reputation. We are a trusted partner for stem cell treatment among patients worldwide, not just Americans. We believe the question of traditional versus alternative is irrelevant. What matters most is what will improve the quality of life for our patients. That is why we use stem cells sourced from the umbilical cord.

Stem cell research and treatments are still in the early stages. But many people are turning to CPI because of the quality of our services. In this episode, father and son Rey and Dominik Mysterio join us. They talk about their experience in stem cell therapy at CPI. They also discuss their injuries and why they got the treatment.

As we age, our bodies naturally deteriorate and become prone to injury. This can make it hard to train and compete at the highest level. By feeling young and staying active, athletes can strive for a better lifestyle. This is especially true for athletes like the father-son duo who sustain severe injuries often.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how regenerative treatment can help with sports injuries.
  2. Find out what stem cell therapy is all about.
  3. Learn how the treatment helped Rey and Dominik.


Episode Highlights

[00:00] Injuries After Taking Big Falls in the Ring

Dominik Mysterio, a professional wrestler, talks about how his lower back often acts up. This usually occurs after taking big falls in the ring. As a consequence, his ability to put pressure on his left leg is diminished.

The athlete believes that it’s good for him. “I need this for longevity and good health,” he says.

Longevity is crucial, especially for athletes who want to compete as long as possible. Stem cell therapy can help professionals achieve that goal. This treatment is a specialized technique of using stem cells to replace or repair damaged tissues.

This therapy can help athletes extend their careers. It can repair damaged tissues caused by wear-and-tear or injury more quickly than traditional methods.  It’s been used to treat spinal cord injuries, as well as muscle, ligament, tendon, and cartilage damage.

[01:48] Cartilage Degeneration

Rey Mysterio has accumulated wear and tear injuries over years of repetitive trauma. This has led to the degeneration of his cartilage. For the treatment, stem cells were directly injected into the joints. The act is expected to try and decrease inflammation. In addition, the process will help regenerate cartilage so the athlete can keep doing what he does best.

Wrestlers like Rey and Dominik sustain so many injuries. This is especially true when it comes to their cartilage. Luckily, stem cell therapy can have a significant effect on this damage.

It starts with an injection of stem cells into the area that needs healing. The stem cells help regenerate cartilage and reduce inflammation. These things can help to improve joint mobility. 

The stem cells also act as a protective layer for the existing tissue. In turn, this protection allows the damage to heal faster and more effectively.

[02:17] Stem Cells For Recovery

Stem cells are considered “origin cells.” They can differentiate into different cell types, making them incredibly versatile and powerful. In the case of wrestlers, they help promote healing in the areas that experience trauma during matches.

This type of therapy is also good for injuries that don’t heal as quickly or easily as others. Take tendons, for example. They are tissues that are particularly prone to injury and don’t typically heal quickly. Stem cell therapy can help speed up the healing process for these as well.

This treatment is a powerful tool for wrestlers. It can help them get back in the ring faster and stronger than ever before. It’s also a great option for anyone who has experienced trauma or injury. Take cartilage, tendons, or other parts of the body, for example. With stem cell therapy, you can heal more quickly and efficiently.

[02:38] Numbness from Injection of Stem Cells

After receiving the injection, the wrestler moved around. “It’s like you gotta start moving your arms because you feel like they’re getting stuck in there. They just feel real heavy,” he said.

There was a mention of feeling numbness and heaviness in his muscles after the treatment. It’s like being stung by mosquitoes all over the body. However, after a few minutes, the feeling started to go away. Then, he was back to being normal.

The best thing about stem cell therapy is that it has very few side effects. The procedure is relatively fast, and the results are long-lasting. In fact, studies have shown that stem cell therapy can lead to improved joint health for up to three years.

However, a feeling of heaviness can be expected. This sensation is normal and should subside after a short time. It can be due to the swelling that has occurred at the injection site. But it’s not something to worry about, as Rey experienced. It will go away as soon as the healing process is complete.

[03:50] The Stem Cell Treatment Feels Great

Overall, the process felt good for them. With the father-son tandem’s hard work and dedication to the sport, the wrestlers express excitement for the results.

As we all know, Rey and Dominik put their bodies on the line. They do so every time they step in the ring. This means they are more susceptible to injuries, and cartilage damage in particular. Thankfully, stem cell therapy can help them heal faster, with fewer long-term effects. This is why many wrestlers use stem cell therapy to treat their injuries. It’s a safe and effective way to reduce pain and get back in the ring sooner.

“I just feel the soreness of the needle, where the shot and where the pressure went. But the only thing I feel right now is my shoulder. This side. Everything else feels great.”

The aftermath of the treatment felt really good for Rey. That is because stem cell therapy, in a way, helps you get a fresh start. Your body is able to heal faster and more efficiently. This helps you join the fight again with no worries.

After all, it’s not called regenerative medicine for nothing. Your body repairs itself to get back to an optimum state of health. It would feel as if there weren’t any injuries or damages at all. The treatment helps patients like them reach 100% again. Full recovery, at its finest.

About Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is the ring name of Óscar Gutiérrez. He is a Mexican-American pro wrestler best known for his high-flying Lucha Libre style. He has competed in WWE since 2002. In WCW, he was a two-time Cruiserweight Champion and three-time World Tag Team Champion. The wrestling star is signed to Lucha Underground at present. Check out his Instagram and Twitter for merchandise and the latest updates!

Dominik Mysterio is the ring name of Dominik Gutiérrez. He is the son of the legendary luchador Rey Mysterio. Following in his father’s footsteps is not an easy task, but Dominik has risen to the challenge. The American pro wrestler was able to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Titles alongside Rey Mysterio. They became the first father-son tandem to win the titles in the history of WWE. Stay updated through his Instagram and Twitter pages.

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