Fixing Sciatica with CPI Stem Cells: A Game-Changer for Joe in Tijuana, Mexico

Joe Abada, a.k.a “Apocalypse,” has gone through many physical challenges. From the world of professional mixed martial arts to business development roles, he’s had to do it all while contending with chronic back pain and sciatica since 17 years old. His quest for relief led him to CPI Stem Cells in Tijuana, Mexico, a pivotal moment in his life when he received stem cell therapy.

At the heart of Joe’s story lies a sports injury—a brutal spear-like tackle during a football game that left him with a back injury. Initially misdiagnosed as a hip flexor injury, the true damage of his condition surfaced after years of wear and tear, beginning as a herniated disc and degenerative issues in his back. Because he endured tough training and fighting, Joe’s recovery remained subpar due to his ongoing injuries.

It wasn’t until five or six years ago that Joe stumbled upon the potential of stem cell therapy, thanks to platforms like Joe Rogan’s podcast, which featured discussions about CPI Stem Cells. Driven by the possibility of relief long overdue, Joe decided to explore the innovative treatment option of stem cell therapy.

Upon arriving at CPI for consultation, Joe was impressed by the institute’s approach. CPI had stem cells modified to survive in the body without oxygen for extended periods, a feature that distinguished them from other stem cell therapy centers. Encouraged by the positive stories and endorsements from notable figures like Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo, Joe embarked on his journey with CPI.

Joe’s experience with stem cell therapy was transformative. Shortly after receiving injections, he noticed a significant reduction in his sciatica, a sensation he hadn’t felt in over two decades. While stem cells normally take time to heal an injury, the carrier liquid used in the injections provided immediate relief by creating space in the disc. Joe also received the unexpected and positive effect of having a more resistant Immune system. He was in New York while fires were raging through Canada, and while others were suffering from the terrible air quality, Joe hardly got sick. In one of his following checkups he told his doctor of the side benefit and he was amazed to see how much better his health had gotten.

Joe’s journey from chronic pain to renewed vitality underscores the promise of stem cell therapy in addressing complex medical conditions. His advocacy for CPI Stem Cells reflects not only his personal success but also a beacon of hope for others seeking alternative treatments for chronic ailments. As Joe puts it, stem cell therapy might just be one of the best medical advancements in this modern medical world.

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